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Automotive Films

Dealer success is our top priority at Premium Tech. That's why we offer a full line of automotive window film, vinyl and PPF to meet, and exceed the needs of our Premium Tech dealers and their customers.

For the best of the best, choose the Premium series.

These films have it all: superior performance, unmatched appearance, plus one of the strongest warranties in the industry. The Premium series includes traditional high performance films; metal free, non-reflective films; and top-quality high-tech Infrared (IR) and Ceramic films.

All Premium series films are made with premium quality, "weatherable" dyed polyester for added fade resistance and extended longevity. Starting with the finest quality raw materials available, they are manufactured using today's most advanced metallizing, laminating and coating technology.

Premium series consists of six different film types, each constructed with unique properties, to target a variety of customer needs.

Premium Tech's Economy series makes it easy for dealers to cut costs without cutting the quality their reputation depends on. Economy series films are more affordable by design, with savings built-in during manufacturing.

Here's how we do it: instead of using the more costly premium dyed polyester, Premium Tech Economy films use standard dyed polyester with strong UV inhibitors in the adhesives. That's the difference between our Economy and Premium films. It's an effective way to prevent premature wear and tear, at a significantly lower cost. Best of all, we pass the savings on to our Premium Tech dealers.

Economy series films are the smart choice for price sensitive, shorter term ownership such as leased and fleet vehicles, or owners who simply keep their vehicles for only two or three years. These films offer excellent optical clarity and overall durability that's on par with most premium films out there, but without the higher price tag.

Economy series films are available in the three most popular film types dealers need: high performance hybrid, and two non-reflective versions – a thicker 2 ply and a thinner, more pliable 1 ply.

Export series quality is on par with Premium Tech's metal free Economy films – difference being, these Export films are sold only in 60" wide, jumbo and mini jumbo rolls.

This makes Export series perfect for high volume dealers, distributors, exporters and private labelers.

Export series delivers signal-friendly, interference-free performance in a thinner 1 ply, metal free film. Available in Graphite and Charcoal-Green colors in the most popular VLTs, Export series films can also be custom ordered in almost any color.

Export series films are great looking, metal free, standard dye 1 ply non-reflective films.

If you've been in the business for a while, you know about temporary, short-term, removable window films for rental cars and others applications where use is limited to three to six months.

Premium Tech's Self-Removable series is designed especially for these unique situations. There is a growing market for a short-term use window film product and customers who buy it, love the fact they can remove the film themselves when its purpose is complete – without special tools, hassle, or any trace of adhesive residue.

Self-Removable series films are available in three of the most popular film types dealers need: high performance, and two non-reflective versions – a thicker 2 ply and a thinner, more pliable 1 ply.

Add Protection to the exterior of your vehicle with Specialty Films from Premium Tech

PPF – Paint Protection Film, a clear durable film that will protect your vehicle against scratches, gravel, Small Rocks, Bugs, Road Salt, just to name a few

Use Premium Tech PPF all around your Car or Truck or use at specific areas like Bumpers, Hood, Doors Sides, Side Mirrors, Fenders, Door Cups, Rocker Panel, anywhere you would like to protect that are more exposed to the elements.

Looking to customize your car with special texture, color, design? Use Vinyl Wrap Films from Premium Tech and add a stylish look and Protection.

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